Top 10 Unicorn Products

Magic - Pure magic!

Top 10 Unicorn Products

Everyone needs some sparkle in their life. It could be a flashy watch, a special coat, or maybe a fab hair-do every now and again, who knows? For some this isn’t quite enough though, and we think those people will be well at home with our Top 10 Unicorn Gifts. What sparklier? What more magical? These unicorn gifts will be sure to shine a beacon upon any drabness left in your lives and save the day.

We’re also aware that there are people who will want to kit out every aspect of their lives with the following Unicorn paraphernalia. To those brave pioneers we say.. “You go champ(s)!”

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur

#1. Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur

No wonder they went extinct with this level of alcohol content!

Developed exclusively by Firebox, this makes the absolute perfect gift for pretty much anyone that falls under your ‘not sure’ category. Niece turning 18? Unicorn Tears Gin Liqeur. Friend from work throwing a 30th and you need an unusual, fun gift to stand out? Unicorn Tears Gin Liquer. Had a nightmare day at the office after your boss scolded you in front of the entire office, and now you just want to go home and drink and cry a little? Erm.. Unicorn Tears Gin Liquer! Yes, you can buy it for yourself too. In fact, you probably deserve it.


Unicorn Tears Gin Liquer is an exclusive product at…



Handicorn – Unicorn Hand Puppet

#2. Handicorn – Unicorn Hand Puppet

** In an enchanted magical glade just outside the great city of Elbaroth **

** The sound of hooves approaching… tarump tarump tarump **

“Who… who is it?”

“Lady Gwendoline, it is I, ‘Handicorn’ the magical unicorn! I have travelled many days upon the road from Blensdarr in the East. Your father, King Urksnak of Snodd, bid me find you and relay an important message..”

“Oh Handicorn, who art so majestic and fair and lord of all the unicorns, you come to me at the right time for these lands have seen such sorrow of late, and your arrival brings great joy to my heart. Pray tell me, do you bring tidings of joy…?”

“Oh yes my lady, many great tidings… a great many, but this is not my main message… you see, I need your help”

“Anything horse-lord, anything, pray ask me anything and I will do everything in my power to achieve it”

“Well it’s like this… your father, King Urksnak, master of the realm, great warrior of our times, defeater of the clans of Shaaak! Tamer of the legendary Golden Griffin of Geldorr! First of his name! LORD of Snodd!”


“He said you could hook me up with some sugar cubes… What say you? Handicorn need his fix.”

(We’re not even kidding, this is our absolute favourite item on the site)


You can get the Handicorn at…

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Magical Unicorn Slippers

#3. Magical Unicorn Slippers

Prepare to be swept away to a magical realm each morning as you don the incredible ‘Magical Unicorn Slippers’.

Unsurprisingly, there are many different types of unicorn slippers to take your pick from (including the enhanted ‘Light Up Unicorn Slippers‘ and the ‘Aroma Fuzzy Feet Unicorn Slippers‘) but for our money these are the best on the market. Complete with smiley face and golden sparkly horn, these slippers are guaranteed to put a smile on your face each morning, warming your feet with pure magic.


Get the Magical Unicorn Slippers at…

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Magical Unicorn Mug

#4. Magical Unicorn Mug

Elegant. Classy. Stylish. These are all words that you’ll really struggle to apply to the Magical Unicorn Mug.

Yes, it may be on the tackier end of the spectrum, but you can never fault this mug for lack of ambition. The unicorn in question leaps triumphantly out of the mug in full 3D glory, creating an utterly fabulous effect. Bound to raise a good laugh, this will make the perfect Secret Santa gift for the right person. Would you regret buying it…? “Neigh”.


Get the Magical Unicorn Mug at…



Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

#5. Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

“Cats love it!”

Are you fed up of your cat lording it up around the place, eating all your food, hogging the best seats and generally only looking out for itself? Don’t you just wish you could show it who’s boss? Well now you can, with the new Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats! Attach to your cat for no other reason than your simple amusement at its expense. Watch in front of your very eyes as it changes from an arch, narcissistic fluffball into a majestic, narcissisttic fluffball.

Note: Can also be used on other animals, although less fun.


Get the Unicorn Horn for your cat at…

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Giant Inflatable Unicorn

#6. Giant Inflatable Unicorn

Ask yourself a question – do you need a giant 7 foot tall inflatable unicorn in your house?

Think carefully now.. do you really need a giant 7 foot tall inflatable unicorn in your house?

Ok… are you currently drunk? On a mad sugar high? Sleep deprived…? No…? But you think a giant 7 foot tall inflatable unicorn in your house is a good idea?

….Us too! Welcome to the club! We meet on Wednesday afternoons in the enchanted forest at 7pm sharp. Bring a sparkly waistcoat.


Get the Giant Inflatable Unicorn at..

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Knit Your Own Unicorn Trophy

#7. Knit Your Own Unicorn Trophy

Getting into the knitty gritty.

While we promote a lot of seriously weird and obscure products on this site, some sit firmly in the “awww that’s lovely” category, and the ‘Knit Your Own Unicorn Trophy’ is no exception. Coming in a beautiful hessian bag, this kit will help you knit your very own unicorn in no time. Whether you decide to hang it up or not is up to you. One thing’s for sure, crafty people will love this!


Get the Knitted Unicorn Trophy at…



Heated Huggable Unicorn

#8. Heated Huggable Unicorn

Microwavable Magic.

When you’re feeling cold and/or dejected, the weather has decided to be completely rubbish and you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, look no further than the Heated Huggable Unicorn. As with other similar items, this is filled with special heatable beans and comes complete with the lovely calming smell of lavender. Simply pop it in the microwave for a short burst and be prepared to get seriously toasty. It stays warm for hours.


Get the Heated Huggable Unicorn at…



Unicorn Salt and Pepper Set

#9. Unicorn Salt and Pepper Set

Somewheeere ooover the rainbooow…. is a… well seasoned meal.

Despite what you may think, the unicorn/rainbow salt and pepper set doesn’t actually dispense magic dust, or sprinkles, or magic essence. Unless you pretend it does. What it does do is perfectly distribute salt and pepper evenly across your meal, looking absolutely fabulous as it does so! No more explanation needed.

Top Tip: Fully embrace the quirk by replacing salt and pepper with different flavours of sherbert. Guests may not be too pleased though.

Ps: If you do actually want a unicorn sprinkles shaker of course that’s a thing.


Get the Unicorn Salt & Pepper Set at…

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The Magicorn Hood

#10. The Magicorn Hood

For when you need to go full unicorn.

The Magicorn Unicorn Hood works brilliantly well as festival-wear, or as something soft and cosy to put on in front of the TV when you just want to relax and chill out. But don’t let society dictate what you can and can’t do – we say wear this loud and proud in the streets. Embrace who you were born to be! Part human… part unicorn… a humancorn so to speak.

…I’ve actually just looked this up, it’s a ‘Unitaur’. The things you learn.


Get the Magicorn Hood at…

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