Top 10 Stocking Fillers

If you’re looking for something a bit more special than an orange in your stocking then look no further than our Top 10 Stocking Filler ideas! We’ve put the focus on fun and exciting items that you can get for great value. Some throwaway, some so good you’ll want to cherish them for the whole day… and then throw them away. We’ve supplied some handy links to the products below, so feel free to relay these to Father Christmas for swift delivery on Christmas Eve.

The Snowman Milkshake & Cookies

#1. The Snowman Milkshake & Cookies

We’re firm believers in having a good number of consumables in a stocking – it gives you something to stuff your face and spoil your dinner with. And what harm can there be in giving a small child tons of sugar at 6am on Christmas Day? Perhaps they’ll decide to eat the cookies in moderation and not get so hyper they scream, shout, jump up and down on your bed and swing off the net curtains.

All joking aside, this is a really beautiful gift and an utterly charming addition to any stocking, sure to bring only the biggest smiles.


Get the Snowman Milkshake Treat at…



Melting Snowman

#2. Melting Snowman

I’m melting! Melting! Oh, what a world! What a world!

Meet the incredible Melting Snowman, a fun little toy bound to enthral family members of all ages. Simply roll out your snowman, attach your googly eyes, selected accessories and stickers and watch as he slowly melts away in the heat of the room. Be aware though, his chances of survival severely diminish if Granny is over and the radiator is set to +10,000 on the thermostat!

For added fun you can name your new snowy best friend. Previous favourite entries of ours have been ‘Mr. Freeze’, ‘Christopher Walken (in the air)’ and ‘Googly McSlushface’. Absolutely zero creativity points for Olaf.


Get the Melting Snowman at…



Chip Beauty & The Beast Mug

#3. Chip Beauty & The Beast Mug

The brand new Chip mug to check out now – Be our guest!

The only thing we can’t understand about this new Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug is how on earth it took so long to come to market. Taken from the original Disney animated version, Chip stands out as possibly the cutest character in the whole film, and this is a brilliant representation of him. Nearly everyone is selling him online, but he’s going fast so be sure to pick up yours soon!

Please note: Doesn’t have to sleep in the cupboard.


You can pick Chip up here…

I Want One Of Those   Prezzy Box   Menkind   Firebox


Roald Dahl Top Trumps

#4. Roald Dahl Top Trumps

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men”

Top Trumps and stockings go hand in hand, providing a fun game to be played all day long by your dear little one(s). And if you ask us, we’d say that goes for adults too – although our stamina and patience may start waning somewhat when little Timmy starts to deal out the tenth hand or so.

After carefully trawling through the web for the best pack, we landed on Roald Dahl Top Trumps. His stories are charming, funny and utterly magical, and what better time to embrace that than at Christmas?

Other current favourites you may want to consider:

Marvel Universe Top Trumps

Sports Cars Top Trumps

Dinosaurs Top Trumps

Horrible Histories Top Trumps


Or get the Roald Dahl ones at…



Bleh Dolls

#5. Bleh Dolls

Bleh! Bleeeeeeh! Bleeeeeeehhhh!!!

Let’s be honest, a lot of gift and gadget sites have a number of items that you may be tempted to classify as c̶h̶e̶a̶p̶ ̶t̶a̶t̶  brilliant budgetary finds. It could be said that the Bleh Dolls fall under this category, however we believe they’re elevated by the sheer fact that they are, quite clearly, absolute dudes. Maybe it’s our childish sense of humour, but we reckon we could get a good 30-40 minutes entertainment out of these fellas, and we’re sure other kids big and small may do so too!

Bleh! Bleeeeeeeehhhh!!! Bleh bleh.. Bleeeeehhh!!


Grab the Bleh Dolls at…



Gold Chocolate Coins

#6. Gold Chocolate Coins

No explanation needed. Absolutely essential for any stocking.


Probably best to get them in any supermarket, but if you can’t even be bothered to leave the house then you can also get them at…



Sandal Socks

#7. Sandal Socks

No Christmas is complete without at least one pair of silly socks, and our choice in this illustrious category is the Sandal Socks – beating out strong competition from the light-up Rudolph socks and musical Christmas pudding socks. Wear these around the house with good humour or try to fool people by wearing them out and about on the street. Imagine their faces! The possibilities with the Sandal Socks are literally endless *



* Well, not really. But we still like them.

Get the Sandal Socks at…

Prezzy Box


Top Triva: Various Sets

#8. Top Triva: Various Sets

You know what rules? Trivia! And the awesome power of knowledge can be yours (assuming it’s based around very specific categories on offer).

We love this as a stocking filler, because not only can it foster a love of something in a young mind, it carries over to the dinner table later where you can have an impromptu ‘trivia-off’ with the family. We went with Film & Television as that’s where our passion lies (Did you know for instance, that George Lucas’ dog was called Indianna? Interesting!) but other options are available such as music, sport and general knowledge.

Top Trivia: Film & Television

Top Trivia: Music

Top Trivia: Sport

Top Trivia: General Knowledge


Handicorn – Unicorn Hand Puppet

#9. Handicorn – Unicorn Hand Puppet

** In an enchanted magical glade just outside the great city of Elbaroth **

** The sound of hooves approaching… tarump tarump tarump **

“Who… who is it?”

“Lady Gwendoline, it is I, ‘Handicorn’ the magical unicorn! I have travelled many days upon the road from Blensdarr in the East. Your father, King Urksnak of Snodd, bid me find you and relay an important message..”

“Oh Handicorn, who art so majestic and fair and lord of all the unicorns, you come to me at the right time for these lands have seen such sorrow of late, and your arrival brings great joy to my heart. Pray tell me, do you bring tidings of joy…?”

“Oh yes my lady, many great tidings… a great many, but this is not my main message… you see, I need your help”

“Anything horse-lord, anything, pray ask me anything and I will do everything in my power to achieve it”

“Well it’s like this… your father, King Urksnak, master of the realm, great warrior of our times, defeater of the clans of Shaaak! Tamer of the legendary Golden Griffin of Geldorr! First of his name! LORD of Snodd!”


“He said you could hook me up with some sugar cubes… What say you? Handicorn need his fix.”

(We’re not even kidding, this is our absolute favourite item on the site)


You can get the Handicorn at…

Prezzy Box   Firebox


A Piece of Coal

#10. A Piece of Coal

Not everyone deserves lots of lovely presents in their stockings. Some children are just naughty and therefore need to be taught a lesson. Ooh, do you have to be very naughty to receive this though.

If you’re looking for a more elaborate lesson, the other alternative is to wrap empty boxes before Christmas, and if little Timmy or Tabatha are playing up simply toss a box or two onto the open fire! How they’ll soon shape up!

But uh… we probably recommend the other nine on this list to be honest. Things tend to go a lot more swimmingly when everyone’s nice to each other. Merry Christmas!