Top 10 Novelty Mugs

Cool, quirky and utterly ridiculous mugs for your home or office.

Top 10 Novelty Mugs

Getting the right mug for your brew is important. It says something about you. It says “look at me, I have interests. I have interests and I am an interesting person. Pay attention, for this is pure expression!”

Whether you’re looking for a fun mug for around the home, for your shared office, or as some kind of weird desk tidy – be sure to stand out from the crowd with our top novelty mug picks!

Chip Beauty & The Beast Mug

#1. Chip Beauty & The Beast Mug

The brand new Chip mug to check out now – Be our guest!

The only thing we can’t understand about this new Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug is how on earth it took so long to come to market. Taken from the original Disney animated version, Chip stands out as possibly the cutest character in the whole film, and this is a brilliant representation of him. Nearly everyone is selling him online, but he’s going fast so be sure to pick up yours soon!

Please note: Doesn’t have to sleep in the cupboard.


You can pick Chip up here…

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Ghostbusters Stay Puft Mug

#2. Ghostbusters Stay Puft Mug

It’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

The perfect gift for Ghostbusters fans everywhere, this hefty mug comes complete with fiendish grin and signature sailors hat. Technically you are allowed to drink other beverages in this, but for maximum enjoyment we recommend a hot chocolate with plenty of… you guessed it, marshmallows.


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Kobayashi Mug

#3. Kobayashi Mug

Convince me. Convince me. Convince me.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. The greatest trick you could ever pull is to check out this fine Kobayashi Porcelain mug and honour one of the finest crime movies of all time, The Usual Suspects. If you haven’t seen The Usual Suspects then, frankly, I envy you. I’d suggest you go straight out and watch it right away. And as that film holds up to (nay, demands) multiple viewings, so too does this fine Kobayashi mug hold up to multiple drinks. That is, unless you accidentally drop it in slow motion or something.


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Magical Unicorn Mug

#4. Magical Unicorn Mug

Elegant. Classy. Stylish. These are all words that you’ll really struggle to apply to the Magical Unicorn Mug.

Yes, it may be on the tackier end of the spectrum, but you can never fault this mug for lack of ambition. The unicorn in question leaps triumphantly out of the mug in full 3D glory, creating an utterly fabulous effect. Bound to raise a good laugh, this will make the perfect Secret Santa gift for the right person. Would you regret buying it…? “Neigh”.


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#5. Robocup

“I’d buy that for a dollar!”

Simply put, the Robocup is the best Robocop mug out there. Admittedly that’s a pretty niche market, but nethertheless this is brilliant in its stripped back design. Take 5 minutes out, put your feet up, and allow Robocup to take his watch.


Get the Robocup at…

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The Self-Stirring Mug

#6. The Self-Stirring Mug

Monday mornings are hard enough already without having to stir your own bloody tea. I’ve already got up, dressed myself and put the kettle on, I can only do so much!

Enter the ‘lazy man’ self-stirring mug and say goodbye to needless energy expenditure, as well as the enormous amount of wasted teaspoons being used throughout the day. Whoever invented this mug is nothing less than a genius and I myself take my hat off to them. Or at least I would if I could be bothered. Hey maybe they could make some kind of self-tipping hat… now there’s an idea!

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Emoji Poo Mug

#7. Emoji Poo Mug

Some people may think that this mug is puerile, a bit gross, a bit… well, poo. But don’t be fooled, ol’ ‘Poop’ here is a class act. In the Hollywood spectacular “Emoji movie” he’s played by none other than Sir Patrick Stewart – what a ringing endorsment!

This poo emoji mug also comes with added lid for keeping your beverage.. steaming.. hot (I’m so sorry)


Get the Emoji Poo Mug at…



Hulk Smash Mug

#8. Hulk Smash Mug

That’s my secret… I’m always thirsty.

If you like making an impact in your home or office then you could do worse than rocking out the HULK SMASH mug. Who would dare oppose you? Made from shatter resistant material, you really can HULK SMASH to your heart’s content. No pyramid tea bags left? HULK SMASH! Someone ate the last cookie? HULK SMASH! Someone bought the wrong kind of cookies? HULK SMASH! You get the idea.. Just be sure to HULK SMASH (somewhat) considerately when amongst your peers.


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Pug Mug

#9. Pug Mug

Putting the awww into mawwwning cup of coffee (go with it).

We have all gone pug mad! By my calculations, pugs have now pervaded every single aspect of our lives – but for good reason! Just look at how cute this little fella is. Made in a rather fitting cube shape, and with designs running over all sides, this is one of the best pug mugs on the market, and believe me there’s quite a few. You can even name him if you want. In fact it’s probably best that you do. Bugg the Pug, Pugsley Adams, or simply His Lordship Arch Duke Pugglesworth of Pugsney Estate, Pugsney. One thing is guaranteed, you’ll be sure to get a great warm hug from your swanky pug mug.


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Ninja Mug

#10. Ninja Mug

As cool as this mug is, I would exercise caution if you do decide to buy it. One moment you’re drinking your brew and the next… vanished! The Ninja Mug comes complete with removable hood, samurai sword spoon, and a ‘wicked sick’ shuriken star coaster. Swish! Fwoof! Ker-stab! Pick up the ninja mug before it disappears.


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